Introducing: Breaking Bread

March 10th, 2019 · Florimond Manca

Bocadillo now has an official blog! In this "hello, world!" blog post, we'll quickly cover the motivations behind Breaking Bread and what you should expect from it.

Hi all! A few months ago, I published a blog post on my personal blog in which I shared my story of becoming an open source maintainer by building Bocadillo: How I Built A Python Web Framework And Became An Open Source Maintainer.

The community's response to this blog post was heart-warming. Since then, I've kept working on the framework and I'm enjoying the journey more than ever. I haven't written much more about it, but that's going to change because…

Today, I'm excited to announce that Bocadillo is launching an official blog, right here on our official website! 🙌

Do you wonder why, and what for? Let me explain.


As far as announcements and release notes are concerned, Bocadillo's main communication channel so far has been our Twitter account, @bocadillopy.

I think setting up that account relatively early was a very good decision in terms of giving Bocadillo an online presence. For sure, the developer community is particularly active on Twitter, and @bocadillopy has been gaining momentum recently — which is great!

All that said, Twitter as a platform has its limitations. Not everyone's there, the amount of copy is limited (even with threads), and — most importantly — the content tends to get lost in the sea, and hard to discover.

That's why, in order to reach out to people outside the Twitter sphere, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a simple blog where you could find all things related to Bocadillo news, releases and announcements. We'll probably be cross-posting some of the non-administrative posts to our account on DEV Community, too.

Enter: Breaking Bread

I decided to call this blog "Breaking Bread". Don't run away yet — it's not just a pun!

I learnt that the expression "breaking bread" means "sharing" in colloquial English (source) — which is exactly what we'll be doing over here.

Indeed, I want Breaking Bread to be a central place to share announcements, release notes, news, and blog-friendly learning material related to all things Bocadillo.

We hope you'll enjoy the blog posts you'll find here as much as we'll enjoy writing them!

~ Florimond.