Introducing: Breaking Bread

March 10th, 2019 · Florimond Manca

Bocadillo now has an official blog! In this "hello, world!" blog post, we'll quickly cover the motivations behind Breaking Bread and what you should expect from it.

Warning: Bocadillo is now UNMAINTAINED. Users are recommended to migrate to a supported alternative, such as Starlette or FastAPI. Please see #344 for more information.

Hi all! A few months ago, I published a blog post on my personal blog in which I shared my story of becoming an open source maintainer by building Bocadillo: How I Built A Python Web Framework And Became An Open Source Maintainer.

The community's response to this blog post was heart-warming. Since then, I've kept working on the framework and I'm enjoying the journey more than ever. I haven't written much more about it, but that's going to change because…

Today, I'm excited to announce that Bocadillo is launching an official blog, right here on our official website! 🙌

Do you wonder why, and what for? Let me explain.


As far as announcements and release notes are concerned, Bocadillo's main communication channel so far has been our Twitter account, @bocadillopy.

I think setting up that account relatively early was a very good decision in terms of giving Bocadillo an online presence. For sure, the developer community is particularly active on Twitter, and @bocadillopy has been gaining momentum recently — which is great!

All that said, Twitter as a platform has its limitations. Not everyone's there, the amount of copy is limited (even with threads), and — most importantly — the content tends to get lost in the sea, and hard to discover.

That's why, in order to reach out to people outside the Twitter sphere, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a simple blog where you could find all things related to Bocadillo news, releases and announcements. We'll probably be cross-posting some of the non-administrative posts to our account on DEV Community, too.

Enter: Breaking Bread

I decided to call this blog "Breaking Bread". Don't run away yet — it's not just a pun!

I learnt that the expression "breaking bread" means "sharing" in colloquial English (source) — which is exactly what we'll be doing over here.

Indeed, I want Breaking Bread to be a central place to share announcements, release notes, news, and blog-friendly learning material related to all things Bocadillo.

We hope you'll enjoy the blog posts you'll find here as much as we'll enjoy writing them!

~ Florimond.