Warning: Bocadillo is now UNMAINTAINED. Users are recommended to migrate to a supported alternative, such as Starlette or FastAPI. Please see #344 for more information.



Fast, scalable and real-time capable web APIs for everyone

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Latest release: 0.18.3

What is Bocadillo?

Bocadillo is a Python asynchronous and ASGI web framework that makes building performant and highly concurrent web APIs fun and accessible to everyone.

  • Productive

    Bocadillo is an ASGI web framework designed to help you build, test and deploy web APIs as easily as possible. It focuses on modularity, has thorough documentation, and integrates seamlessly with third-party async libraries.

  • Real-time capable

    Embrace asynchronous programming and use the built-in WebSocket and SSE support to design real-time, highly-concurrent systems.

  • Performant

    Bocadillo makes the most out of Starlette and Uvicorn, the lightning-fast ASGI toolkit and web server.

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Python 3.6+


pip install bocadillo


from bocadillo import App, configure

app = App()

async def index(req, res):
    res.json = {"hello": "world"}

Save this as app.py, then start a uvicorn server (hot reload enabled!):

uvicorn app:app --reload

Say hello!

$ curl http://localhost:8000
{"hello": "world"}

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