What's new in Bocadillo 0.17

June 25th, 2019 · Florimond Manca

Bocadillo 0.17 is out! In this release: settings-based provider discovery, and removal of deprecated items such as recipes and the @view decorator.

Warning: Bocadillo is now UNMAINTAINED. Users are recommended to migrate to a supported alternative, such as Starlette or FastAPI. Please see #344 for more information.

If you have any questions or feedback about this release, feel free to get in touch!

Settings-based provider discovery

Registering providers for discovery previously required to call discover_providers(), typically in app.py.

As of 0.17, you can use a more declarative approach with the new PROVIDER_MODULES setting.

Note: the previous API is still valid. See also How are providers discovered?.

Bocadillo CLI has been updated to use this new setting when generating a project.

Removed items

The following features and APIs were deprecated since 0.16 and have been removed:

Removed item Alternative
Recipes Routers
app.add_asgi_middleware() app.add_middleware()
@view @route(methods=...)
@plugin The PLUGINS setting