Bocadillo can be installed using the following command:

pip install bocadillo


  • You will need Python 3.6 and above to use Bocadillo. You can get Python from or via the package manager of your OS.
  • On Linux, due to a known limitation in httptools, you also need to install python-dev for your current version of Python, e.g. apt-get install python3.7-dev for Python 3.7.

Bocadillo CLI

You may also want to install Bocadillo CLI. It comes with useful command line tools to help with project generation and other common tasks.

Install it from pip:

pip install bocadillo-cli

You can use it to verify that Bocadillo was correctly installed (you may have another version of Bocadillo installed):

$ bocadillo -V
Bocadillo CLI: 0.2.0
Bocadillo: 0.18.2

Extras Advanced

Beyond the base install, Bocadillo has pip extras for the following optional features:

Feature Extra
File responses files
Cookie-based sessions sessions

Example pip invocations:

pip install bocadillo[files]
pip install bocadillo[files,sessions]

To install all optional features, use $ pip install bocadillo[full].